OCCE Time Line 2009

October 2009-Implementation of environmentally friendly toilet in Vukuzenzele

OCCE and partner Enviro Options South Africa, implemented the first waterless toilet in the village at the traditional leader’s home. Please see Vukuzenzele Project for more information.

October 16-18, 2009-Great Lakes Bioneers Conference at Mary Grove College, Detroit, MI

June-July, 2009- Return of Amy, Ruthie and Brenda from Vukuzenele
Amy and Ruthie were given the grand tour of Emaus Mission and Vukuzenzele. More comments on their experience will be in the January 2010 Newsletter.

June, 2009 – Poverty Alleviation Conference
OCCE has been invited to present a case study of the Vukuzenzele Project at a conference in Richard’s Bay, South Africa. The conference Poverty Alleviation Partnerships & Social Security Schemes (PAPSSS) will be held June 9-11, 2009. It is being hosted by the LWELAPHANDA Business Intelligence Group, Johannesburg, South Africa.

March, 2009 – OCCE and MCDP Partnership
Nosipho Mbanjwa, from the village of Vukuzenzele and advisor to OCCE, has registered a Community Based Organization(CBO) for the village with the South African government. This CBO is called Masizakhe Community Development Project (MCDP). The partnership between OCCE and MCDP should assist the village toward sustainability through a cohesive plan that directs the community foward resulting in ownership of the projects OCCE has implemented.

February, 2009 – OCCE returns home from the Vukuzenzele Project

While there, Brenda Gonzales met with Dave Pool and Donald Smith, agriculturalists and herbalists, to determine if a medicinal garden would be appropriate for an income generating project in the village of Vukuzenzele. It was determined that, indeed, this would be a unique way for the women in the community to generate income. A business plan is being developed.